Our telecoms engineers have mastered the architectures (collection, transport, service) of the various technologies used by fixed networks:

  • xDSL copper network, Broadband Upgrade (PRM, FttN)
  • cable networks: FttLA, DOCSIS
    Example of an FTTH Engineering Plan, with this zoom on a district of Forbach
  • fibre network for the general public: FttH, GPON, etc
  • fibre network for businesses/Zones: FttO, FttE, FttH Pro
  • fibre network for data centres, for mobile stations
  • radio networks: THD Radio

These technical skills, combined with our regulatory, economic and financial expertise, allow us to work on different types of projects:

  • Project management assistance for local authorities’ and operators’ fibre optic networks
  • End of concession operations, handover or transfer of networks, particularly cable or FttO networks
  • Assistance in defining projects or engineering rules
  • Site monitoring, implementation of indicators and site acceptance operations
  • Conditions of use and fees for network infrastructures (ducts, chambers, high points, various pipes, etc.)
  • Monitoring the collection of the public domain occupation fee (RODP)
  • Supporting social landlords in the management of the Antenna Service, to provide a Triple Play service or HD / THD offers adapted to the social public